How to win friends & influence people By Dale Carnegie

How to win friends & influence people

By Dale Carnegie

  • Release Date: 2016-11-17
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 343 Ratings


The book 'How to win Friends & Influence People' presents a lot on personality development thus making you an extraordinary person. The book provides fundamental techniques in handling people and big secret of dealing with people.
By reading this book you get one of the best things that 'An increased tendency to think always in terms of other people's point of view, and see things from their angle', may easily prove to be one of the building blocks of your career.
The book suggests you very simple ways to make a good first impression like 'the value of a smile', and how to become a good conversationalist. This self-help book provides very simple ways to make people like you and how to win them to your way of thinking, and suggest how to begin in friendly way.
The book mentions the secret of Socrates, which in turn sets the psychological process of the listeners moving in the affirmative direction. The book helps in developing the Leadership Qualities too. A detailed study with various practical examples, incidences are mentioned herewith so that each concept becomes clear and easy to understand.
In addition, DALE CARNEGIE hired a trained researcher to spend one and half years in various libraries reading everything he had missed, searching through countless biographies, over hundreds of magazine articles, trying to ascertain how the great leaders had dealt with people. This will sharply increase your skill in human relationship. The language of the book is lucid and simple. A must-read book for everyone.


  • Very inspirational

    By pi$pa
    Effectively changed my way of thinking
  • Still reading and I’m 18. Hooked!!

    By Titus The King
    I was recommended this book because of this profession I’m going for and I’m glad I was. Only on page 33 and figured I learned more than I have in my entire life at school. Very good book! Worth it!!
  • Typos

    By ccarr537
    This classic deserves 5 stars, but this ebook edition has a distracting number of typographical errors.
  • Interesting read

    By Normal user 1991
    Had minor grammatical mistakes, but well-worth the cost.
  • Definitely work the read

    By livvey-opia
    Many of these ideas have been re-hashed since the book was written but they so stand the test of time. If you want to truly motivate people this is a good starting point. Some of the examples feel dated now and he is a superfluous when it comes to providing real life example but those being the book’s only faults. I tend to be a very direct leader who can forget not everyone operates that way. This has helped me be more mindful of how to motivate people overall and in a positive manner specifically.
  • A must read for sales people and those who aspire to be a sales leader

    By J Schuch
    This book contains the information needed to help you get to the upper echelon of sales professionals. If you put the principles contained within into practice you will find your sales thrive even in a slow or stagnant market.
  • How to win friends and influence people

    By GlendaleHalls
    The content of this book is phenomenal. Dale Carnegie was an amazing man with a keen insight into humanity. As far as books go, this is a must read for everyone. As far as this particular edition, it is riddled with spelling and grammar errors caused by scanning software deficiencies and a lack of any proofreading effort, whatsoever. If you wish to suffer poor English in lieu of a cheap price, this is the version for you. If you prefer to read a book with proper grammar and punctuation, I would recommend paying more in the hopes that the people who are selling it have also read it, and were smart enough to correct the hundreds of errors.
  • Practical Help in Human Relations

    By Philburtt
    This book is full of examples of how successful people handle human relations. Split up by practical principles, each chapter will challenge your thoughts on human relations and have you thinking of ways you could apply the content tomorrow. I would highly recommend this book. I did not agree with everything in it, but even where I disagreed, the way in which the content was presented made me reevaluate and occasionally even readjust my position on a matter. Overall, this book was very helpful and extraordinarily practical.
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    By gvhhu buuhhnghbhbb u
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  • Fantastic book!

    By Scuevas.07
    This book taught me a lot !